German Power Technology Systems

The Grant For Quality Sustainability Durability And Reliability

Our vision

To see the clean renewable energy be in our focus, as the main energy source that power our Planet.
Awareness of the need for the energy transition to renewable and alternative energies to awaken and publicize.
Contribute to afforestation and increase the green areas of our planet.

Our Mission

With our energy supply solutions, we offer people a central component of an economically attractive and environmentally friendly alternative
We want to move people from using fossil fuels and deforesting their forests to the abundant renewable energies and to share protecting our planet.

Our activities include

Determine customer requirements and provide advice and best solutions
Consultation, planning and determination of energy requirements for projects.
Supply and installation of energy units
Instruction and training of the operating personnel
Provide guarantees and after-sales services. 

Diversity of Implemented solar energy projects

Solar (electric) generator to support the public electricity grid (on-grid) or to supply rural areas (Off-Grid).

Supply private houses, factories and communities with electricity.

Heating and warming for household and industry.

Pumping water for irrigation and drinking water from wells and /or rivers.

Street and public lighting

Our Activities (until 2004) included


The development and production of control systems and electronic devices.


Installation of Telecommunication systems, and training


Installation of audio and video transmitters, their studios and accessories


Lighting technology

Dramatic events and changes are casting their shadows, threatening to shake the very foundations of the world.
Some of these events have had a major impact on our business process and have urged us to review our activities.
- In April 1986, a catastrophic meltdown occurred in the Ukrainian nuclear power plant Chernobyl.
- In December 2004, a massive earthquake occurred on the Indonesian island of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean.
- In March 2011 the Fukushima nuclear disaster, which is a series of catastrophic incidents. This is in addition to many more radiological accidents that have occurred but have not been published in most nuclear power plants around the globe.
- Radioactive contamination and its harmful effects will continue to accompany us for many centuries.
- Another major threat to the environment is the ever-increasing carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere due to the burning of fossil fuels.
scientists have measured and proved:
- steadily rising of the earth temperature.
- Accelerating melting off the poles.
- sea level is increasing steadily.
- steadily increasing of the sea temperature .
- Increasing natural catastrophes (Tsunamis, devastating Hurricanes)

All the above mentioned negative factors are related to the energy sector, and indicate that the multiplicity of natural disasters is on the rise and that the planet Earth is threatened by it.
On the other hand, the fossil and nuclear energies are non-renewable energies, and their cost increases daily, and it tends to be depleted for long or short Of course, No life and development is possible without energy. 


Currently and in the future we need alternative energy, permanent and economically attractive, that meets the requirements of the environment. All of these requirements are available in natural energies (solar energy, wind energy, watershed energy, geothermal energy, etc.
This awareness and our desire to participate and take responsibility towards environmental protection and development requirements, we urged to reconsider the course of our activities. In 2004, we reoriented our business toward natural and renewable energy.
Some properties and features of (photovoltaic) solar energy:
- is the cheapest energy on earth and has no running costs and almost no maintenance costs.
- straddles its energy in complete stillness, without any loud and noise .
- provides clean, renewable energy, free from harmful emissions
- can be stored for use during the absence of the sun.
- its service lifetime is very long, compared to any other source.
- It can be used to generate electricity with all its uses
- can be used for heating and water heating for domestic and industrial purposes

Why Choose Us

What sets us apart?


We Stand for Quality, Sustainability, Durability and Reliability.


All parts we use in building a project are high quality German made. 


The design of each project, regardless of its size will either be done or reviewed by our specialist in Berlin. The implementation of each project, regardless of its size is accompanied by our German specialist.


We can give guarantees that extends for decades for all the projects we implement, including the first two years free of charge.
 In special cases we can arrange instalment payments

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